Human Resource Intervision & Innovation platform - HRI2 (english version)

Ribbonwood presents the Human Resource Intervision & Innovation platform HRI2. Use this link for more information about this unique new programme where organisations combine their innovation strengths. HRI2 increases the scope and/or implementation speed of your strategic HR agenda.

In short

  • A community of people who like to share and learn from others. HR leaders, managers and senior professionals who stand for relevant and worthy innovations in HR. For example on the performance management cycle.
  • You work on your own organizations’ themes and challenges, get access to knowledge and experience from others and learn to use the 10s model in your programmes and projects.
  • The platform has a series of 3 sessions from 10:00 till 19:30 and starts with personal intakes. During the platform sessions, research questions (or pilots) are formulated which are executed between sessions. Results are reported back in the next session.
  • You invest €2.495,= ex. VAT for the year programme. After the last session you continue as member of the HRI2 community with access to results of other programmes as well as other participants and organizations.

HRI2 concrete deliverables: 

  • Personal intake resulting in clear formulation of your questions and research themes/issues.
  • A reader with a summary of all intakes incl. connecting threads as preparation for the 1st platform meeting.
  • Mini masterclass changemanagement framework 10s during 1st platform meeting.
  • Reader interim results per platform meeting.
  • Access to all best practices of participating organizations in a standard format in Dutch and English (via reader and online HRI2 community).


Do you want to subscribe, ask a question or do you want us to contact you? Please follow this link. You will be redirected to our Change Management Framework site. This is our site for education and training.