“I like to grant people the opportunity to grow and try something new.”

01 - Juli 2018

This interview with Michiel van Kruijsbergen (member of the Executive Board of the organisation working for Woerden and Oudewater; dutch: Gemeentesecretaris Woerden en algemeen directeur) is the fourth of a series initiated by RibbonWood consultancy. It is not about what agile is. Our series is about the "why" of major transformations and its leader's experiences. With lessons learned on strategy implementation, change & transformation and leadership. These are real change stories. And we put our RibbonWood change management framework "10s" to the test. You can read the full interview and on LinkedIN. It is worth your time.

Here are some of Michiel's quotes:

  • I created this SWOT and vision together with all relevant stakeholders;
  • I learned that hard work pays off;
  • In order to communicate properly we had to transform complexity into simplicity;
  • I like to grant people the opportunity to grow, to take some risk and try something new;
  • The role of the city council has been challenging;
  • I like to get the most out of the people I work with. I like to appreciate the differences and make use of the differences. I try to build teams and like to see people involved.

Interested to read more: interview with Noor Cloo, commercial director Eneco; Bouke Hoving, EVP Networks&IT at KPN; or Robert Otto, member of the Executive Board of Achmea.



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