“With agile I spent more time on direction & vision than ever before”

27 - Maart 2018

This interview with Noor Cloo (commercial director Eneco) is the second of a new series initiated by RibbonWood consultancy. Our series is about the "why" of major transformations and it's leaders experiences. With lessons learned on strategy implementation, change & transformation and leadership. These are real change stories. And we put our RibbonWood change management framework "10s" to the test. You can read the full interview here and on LinkedIN. It is worth your time. Here are some of Noor's quotes:

  • "Only start an agile transformation if there is a concrete need for change to realise your strategy"
  • "The vision of Eneco becoming a partner of households producing their own energy served as a burning platform for internal change"
  • "The first phase of change was mainly focussed on implementing the agile work method and less on actual goal achievement"
  • "One of the biggest risks with agile working is over-focus on just your own team (“postzegel”)"
  • "If results get under pressure, do not fall back into previously dominant behaviours like intervening with detailed instructions and decreasing autonomy"

Interesting links relating to the article are on organisational ambidexterity and Eneco's ownership situation. You can read the first interview with Bouke Hoving, EVP Networks&IT at KPN, here or on LinkedIn.

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